Jun 7, 2020

For those who have never used TrackiPay, well, you’re missing out. But to explain further, TrackiPay is an app that connects both your Shopify store to PayPal account and syncs tracking details from one to the other automatically as soon as an order is fulfilled on Shopify. This was done before by hiring VA’s or spending hours copying & pasting.

Now that we’re all familiar with TrackiPay, let’s talk about how TrackiPay’s team has, in a short time of being operational, been able to listen to the customers’ needs and give them what they want and need. It would seem like the engineers and their management is actively monitoring their social media accounts and support platform and responding to customers not just by false promises and empty words but rather by updates to the app that reflect this desire to satisfy customers.

One of these instances is how short and simple TrackiPay’s team made it to go from their landing page to actually using and benefiting from their product. The registration process consists of two steps only accompanied with demo videos to assist users.

What we love most about this is that the offer is direct and to the point. There’s no confusing wording to give potential customers the impression that they are getting some magic sauce to perform some magic operation. Rather, it is actually explaining to users what exactly they are investing their money in and what they are getting in return.

Lastly, we wish more companies had the same straightforward approach as TrackiPay does. We also wish more startups take TrackiPay’s lead and stay close to their customers and listen to their issues and desires and realise them.

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