Jun 7, 2020

TrackiPay, launched in 2019, has made a huge impact in the market when it comes to helping people keep their PayPal accounts in good standing and avoiding customer complaints. But how did they do that?

TrackiPay is a relatively simple application. The setup process takes roughly one minute and doesn’t require much active monitoring by the user.

No more manual labor:Store owners used to copy and paste the tracking details manually before. This sometimes took long hours and leaves room for error. With TrackiPay, the automation replaces the need for the human factor thus allowing store owners to focus on more important tasks.

No more Virtual Agents for syncing tracking details:Some store owners hire virtual agents and spend considerable amounts of money to ensure that these agents stay on top of syncing tracking details to PayPal. PayPal costs a total of $9.99/Month and offers unlimited access to all features.

Quick Release of funds:PayPal has a varying funds release period that can go up to 21 days. This can be problematic especially to store owners operating on a limited budget. Using TrackiPay helps improve the credibility and grade of your account which in turn leads to PayPal to decreasing their funds release time.

Lower Rolling ReservePayPal applies a rolling reserve on your account as a way of protecting their customers in cases of fraud. By having a good tracking record and good customer feedback, PayPal will lower the percentage of the rolling reserve on your account or even remove it. TrackiPay has been proven to positively impact the customer shopping experience and therefore help you get one step closer to eliminating the reserve.

In conclusion, sellers know the importance of looking after a PayPal and the vital role it plays

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