PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify By: Paltrack

PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify  By: Paltrack
PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify By: Paltrack

Let's begin by identifying why there’s a need for you to automate  Submitting Tracking numbers to PayPal from your Shopify store. The use of PayPal as your payment platform helps you boost your store conversions by allowing your customers to manage their payment transactions online faster.

Why there’s a need to automate the submission of fulfillment details to PayPal?

  • Lower Rolling Reserved

PayPal applies a certain reserved percentage of your income and that is for reserved usually up to 21 days. Just because your money is temporarily unavailable for some time doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong

By adding tracking information you can improve your account record and lower or even eliminate the amount being reserved.

  • PayPal’s Seller Protection

The unavailability of the tracking number on the file restricts you from this protection service. This simply means, you have no protection through PayPal and could be a red flag in running a business. For those who aren’t aware yet, the Paypal seller protection program helps Shopify business owners minimize claims and chargebacks and even helps prevent fraud.

The reason why consistency and adding tracking information are mandatory requirements for you to be qualified for this PayPal protection service.

  • Quicker release of funds:  Cash is Released on Days, not weeks

In event of a sudden increase in Sales, disputes, or a chargeback PayPal hold your funds for 21 days.

You can avoid that by submitting tracking information immediately.

  • Winning all disputes comes easy.

It is common that when customers are not happy with the items received they often request a refund, file disputes, or even chargebacks.

How do you win them over? Give them active and valid tracking information. Keeping your customers informed about the progress of their orders is a key aspect in ensuring that you win every case.

  • Building PayPal’s Trust.

Getting to the stage where your account isn't suspended is a plus when you Win PayPal’s Trust.

Having trust between your payment provider and you as a seller is very important. Having tracking information and other stored data strengthens your PayPal relationship and helps you operate your business confidently.

Now How does PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify work?

# 1 Connect your PayPal

Simply link your PayPal account to start the autopilot mode.

No sub-account is required. No complicated set-up. This only takes you a few clicks and you are ready for the automation.

# 2 Marked Order Fulfilled

When you update or marked your orders fulfilled. We will receive the new information immediately. You may update your order status manually or with the use of other applications like CJdropshipping, Oberlo, DSers, MassFulfill, and other apps.

In milliseconds Paltrack PayPal Tracking Infos submission started instantly.

# 3 Relax and Enjoy

No more manual typing of tracking information to PayPal. Simply knowing that all tracking information data will be totally transferred from Shopify to PayPal instantly.

Have the feeling of owning your time and the fresh feeling of having completed everything quickly.


  • 100% Auto Syncing - Sync all your fulfilled orders tracking info from your Shopify to Paypal on autopilot. Shopify sellers are required by PayPal to enter tracking information regularly. We make sure you follow PayPal's rules and keep your account in good standing, which leads to a low applied account reserve and protects you against chargebacks and disputes.
  • Auto Routing Rule -  You can add rules to auto-update carrier info before syncing to Paypal. This ensures that  PayPal receives a carrier name from their list, resulting in faster release of payments.
  • Back In Time - Retrieved your old fulfilled orders and sync to PayPal in less than a minute


  • Clean Dashboard Paltrack’s dashboard has all the most important details that you need to see in a clear intuitive interface.
  • Fast Syncing Marked your orders fulfilled and Paltrack will transfer the tracking information from your Shopify to PayPal in Milliseconds.
  • Affordable Price Autopilot syncing of tracking information is at a fixed price of $9.99/ month for unlimited syncing. Best price for your peace of mind and protection from PayPal.
  • 100% Secured. All data is encrypted. No person has ever access to your data and transaction. If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel send us a message in our live chat support.
  • Easy Set-up -Paltrack is approved by both PayPal and Shopify, which means that you will no longer have to go through any shady, complicated setup processes. Linking PayPal to Shopify with Paltrack takes just a couple of clicks.

When you are experiencing a lot of problems with PayPal, and it's been a nightmare, but learning how to deal with all those possible disputes and their causes while providing accurate real-time solutions. Find a solution that helps you increase your revenues by automatically synchronizing each transaction's tracking information to avoid unwanted disputes. Let Paltrack do it for you.

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