Partnerswire’s  TrackiPay has had an amazing year in 2019. However, by the looks of it, 2020 will be even better. If you haven’t heard about TrackiPay, which is unlikely, it is an app that bridges the gap between your Shopify and PayPal accounts by instantly syncing the tracking details of any fulfilled orders. This saves store owners much needed time and money.

So what is new in 2020? A LOT! TrackiPay has changed looks, now in a beautiful light purple design. But that’s not all, TrackiPay is now compatible with multiple other Shopify apps that were causing issues to users before. Compatibility issues were a huge concern for TrackiPay users and the TrackiPay team of engineers didn’t fail to respond to that. More importantly, TrackiPay has switched from a multi-plan subscription scheme to a one-plan scheme. The plan is called “Unlimited” and costs $9.99/Month and offers full access to the apps features, support and knowledge base.

This comes as a big hit to competitors that are failing to keep up with the fast rise of TrackiPay and their team’s relentless efforts to continuously improve the product. Working alongside leading figures in the E-com community, it seems that The Next Gen Codes team has found a great way to get instant, valuable feedback that will allow them to stay on top of market needs.

We are excited to see what 2020 will bring to the E-com world. There are already talks of new app releases from the Partnerswire team that will hit the market towards the end of February.

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