How to protect your stores from someone spying and using spying tools?

How to protect your stores from someone spying and using spying tools?
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As E-commerce has completely blossomed so do your competitors. We all know that store owners face different types of competition not only to take money from you but also following your tactics on how you developed and introduced your winning products to the market. That is why you need to take action before somebody else takes it up.

We know that you worked hard to keep your stores stay on top, thinking about how it would be perfectly laid-out and providing the winning products to the market. NEVER let your hard work go to waste just because somebody stole your ideas. ACT NOW before it’s too late.

In this fast-changing E-commerce transformation finding trusted partners that offer solutions is a big challenge. As such, we uphold our desires in helping store owners in solving complex business problems in the simplest way.

One of our solutions is the IPLoged, it allows store owners to Block Spying Visitors and SpyTools. This is the right time for you to take full control of your store by providing solid security in a convenient way. The main concept of IPLoged simply helps users to effectively identify any suspicious activities and be able to conduct business without any threats.

IPLoged highlights following features that would be a great contribution in protecting you from competitors.

Country Blocker

You can now conveniently stop unwanted visitors from doing any malicious actions from your store and  can easily block visitors that use SpyTool & VPN/RDP. Get full control over who has access to our store.

Block Spy

Outsmart someone from spying on your store without getting your security compromised. IPLoged is an easy to use privacy protection that allows you to block people from snooping on your store. With the proper safeguarding in place, you can shield your store for any possible threats.

Download visitors Log

Do you want to download your logs? No problem! Just select the download menu, specify date range and viola we'll get your logs in CSV format. CSV will contain IP, Timestamp and User Agent.

No matter how hard you stay competitive but you don’t have the right safeguarding tool you might be surprised that you are being left behind.