Be prepared: Tips for dealing with the holiday rush - Paltrack

Be prepared: Tips for dealing with the holiday rush - Paltrack
Tips for dealing with the holiday rush

Retail holiday such as Black Friday has a special meaning to every online seller. During this season the volume and largest sales growth can be achieved and observed. This is the golden season for all merchants, which is why it is important to ensure that your store operations won't get any problems during the season and make sure to ensure the best customer experience.

In this article, we will showcase in-depth tips on how you can protect your store and make sure that there will be no problems during the holiday period.

Know the Top Sales Month of the Year.

As we know that the most popular shopping month is November until sometime in February. In this season Ecommerce industries report positive sales growth, on the other hand, you need to validate on how much funds were allocated to the marketing activities you had on this season.

This season may involve a huge figure however the changes in sales growth are also higher

Get Your Shopify Checklist Done

In normal business settings, one of our targets as a merchant is to improve and satisfy the need of our customers. During the holiday season to get your store ready, you need to create a short checklist of the things that need to be done to organize your store process more. It is recommended to focus a holiday category pages.

Such categories

  • Black Friday Sales
  • New Year’s Sales
  • Christmas Sales
  • Gift Sales and so on

Having categorized items and store pages you are making your customers search for items they want in your stores which helps save time. Also, this is important to all buyers during this holiday season.

Prepare your Email Marketing:

This is the best approach to connect to your existing and target customers. Reminding them in advance to buy and get ready for Holiday Shopping Spree. Sometimes it is also important to create and send holiday discounts to your email list or make holiday season announcements and many more.

Revamp your theme decorations

Create a more festive theme that may suit specific holiday seasons to catch the attention of your customers. Make your store theme unique, and stylish that vibe the spirit of the holiday period which give you more chances to push up your store.

Customized Customers Orders.

You can offer to add the value of the purchased orders of your customers this is also a way for you to earn extra. A such extra helping hand to your customers:

  • Personalized Gift Wrapping
  • Offer rush and on-the-day delivery
  • Have or offer gift cards
  • Sell a bundle of items many more

Organized your Shopify Store

Improved the accuracy of your store inventory by organizing your store properly. It's also a good idea to review and analyze your hot-selling products to ensure they are in the entire stock.

Preparing your store to be sure you are also meeting the requirements of your payment providers in order to avoid funds delayed

  1. Submitting tracking/shipping details is key to receiving your PayPal payment faster (usually PayPal will release your payment one day after the order is confirmed)

Use an Automated tool such as Paltrack to manage this task effortlessly. You  may visit the store and see how Paltrack can help you automate the submission of your tracking information to your PayPal account in real-time.; also print a USPS or UPS shipping label in your PayPal Account.

2. Review PayPal Notification Email and be cautious about the alert of your account overview.

3. Prevent refunds, disputes, and chargebacks by:

  • Post real and actual photos of the items you're selling.
  • Be clear about your store policy, refund policy, shipping policy, and terms of service.
  • By taking care of packing items and using appropriate packing materials of good quality, customers will receive their items in the condition in which they were intended.
  • Be Responsive and communicate to your customers professionally

4. Create a PayPal Automatic customer service message under PayPal Resolution Center. Check this related article for your guide How PayPal Release Funds  Trick

If you're ever in a situation where your PayPal balance isn't available or suspended, best to follow the guide mentioned above to prevent potential delays and be able to release your funds faster than being scheduled at 21days.

Wrap Up

As you can see, to successfully create a profitable holiday season it is vital to get your Shopify store ready at all times and create a list of the things that need to be done in order to avoid unwanted problems.

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