Jun 7, 2020

If there is one thing that we can all agree on it would be that Time = Money. This is especially true in the world of E-com where time spent looking for products, improving stores and maintaining a good vendor portfolio directly affects the store’s performance and profits.

TrackiPay, the automatic order syncing app by the Next Gen Codes Ltd, was created with ‘Time’ being the main focus of the service. With TrackiPay, the long hours sellers spent copying and pasting from Shopify to PayPal can now be invested in other more important matters like product hunting. TrackiPay allows you to bridge the gap between your Shopify store and PayPal account. As soon as an order is fulfilled in Shopify, TrackiPay will instantly submit the tracking number under the related charge in PayPal.

“Why would I sync tracking numbers to PayPal?” You might ask. Syncing Tracking numbers to PayPal is a factor that affects sellers and customers alike. From the seller’s side, syncing tracking numbers means better account standing, less disputes and lower fund release time. As for customers, it makes it easier for them to see and track their purchases without having to navigate between different platforms to gather information. Overall, users have reported a decrease in disputes and better customer feedback compared to before using TrackiPay.

In conclusion, managing a Shopify store can be a handful. Apps like TrackiPay make it manageable. A seller now can efficiently manage his store or stores. TrackiPay has only one plan available called “UNLIMITED” which costs $9.99 monthly and packs unlimited access to all the features, 24/7 support and a rich knowledge base.

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