Jun 7, 2020

Many apps nowadays fail to give the customers a simple user experience. Instead, In their pursuit of data, they put the customers through a multi-step registration and setup process that can come across as long, complicated and daunting. TrackiPay however has made it really simple and short to go from landing page to enjoying the benefits of the product in no more than one minute.

TrackiPay’s team’s approach is one that focuses on the customer and his/her needs. This was a big driving factor for why they changed their plan from the previous model which was a little confusing to customers to their new one plan model. It’s cheaper, all inclusive and customers won’t have to worry about extra charges that might be incurred due to usage.

Not only this, but the stepper that was used for registration before and which was four steps long is now only two steps long with demo videos embedded to help users get the information necessary for the app to function such as PayPal credentials.

In conclusion, It is important that we note that this kind of thinking and improving is what all companies in the e-commerce world need to adopt. Many app owners seem oblivious to the fact that their customers are tired of the old ways and want something new now and then.

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